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GTEC for STUDENTS① Writing (core) 練習問題①+サンプル解答

Gtec for students のwriting の練習問題とそのサンプル解答を2例載せています。




 練習問題 Core タイプ【制限時間:20 分】



  • 中学1―2年生レベルの英作文(100字前後)








①My favorite things are colored pencils.

②I like drawing very much, so I use them almost every day.

③There are 36 colors. I can draw colorful leaves and flowers with them. When I start drawing, I start with light colors such as pale yellow or light green. I use deepest colors like dark green or dark brown in the end. The picture gets very real if I use lots of colors. It is very interesting to see how pictures are changing with colors.

④I can feel a lot fun from drawing with colored pencils. That’s why colored pencils are the most important items for me.


  • 中学3年生レベルの英作文(150字前後)









①I have many friends at school. I can say they are my treasures.

②I didn’t have any friends when I was in the first grade. My school life was so dull that I didn’t want to go to school in those days, but the life at school totally changed after I became friends with some of my classmates.  I still remember how happy I felt at that time.

③ When we have tests, we study together and work on tasks hard until we fully understand. When I was in low spirits, my friends listened to me and gave me some heartwarming advice. They were very helpful when I was having a hard time, so I am determined to lend a helping hand to them anytime they need it.

④I learned how to support one another from friendship and this experience makes my life very special and valuable. That’s why I can say they are my treasures for sure.