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GTEC for STUDENTS② Writing (core) 練習問題②+サンプル解答

Gtec for students のwriting の練習問題とそのサンプル解答を2例載せています。


【制限時間:20 分】 課題:あなただったら学校に着て行くには、制服と私服のどちらがいいですか。自分の経験した ことや想像したことを理由や例として挙げ、考えをまとめましょう。 



I have two reasons.

First, 1つ目の理由+具体例

Second, 2つ目の理由+具体例




①意見 制服の方が良い

②理由1 洋服を選ぶ手間が省ける

③理由1の具体例 朝バタバタしないですむ。その分勉強できる。

④理由2 最近の制服は可愛い

⑤理由2の具体例 学生時代にしか着られない可愛い制服を着たい

⑥まとめ 以上の理由から制服の方が良い


①I like to wear a school uniform. I have two reasons.

②First, I don’t have to worry about my clothes for school every day.

③It takes long time to choose them, and I think it is a waste of time. If I have a school uniform, I will have more time to do something else. I can read more books or study longer.

④Second, most of school uniforms are very fashionable these days.

⑤I want to wear a cute school uniform in my school days, because I can’t wear it after I graduate from school.

⑥For these reasons, I like to wear a school uniform when I am a student.



①意見 制服はいやだ

②理由1 値段が高くてかなりの出費になる

③理由1の具体例 制服を買わなければ制服を買うお金を他にまわせる

④理由2 個性がだせない

⑤理由2の具体例 制服を着ていると皆同じように見える

⑥まとめ 以上の理由で制服はいやだ


①I don’t like to wear a school uniform. I have two reasons.

②First, school uniforms are usually very expensive.

③For example, my school uniform cost more than 100.000 yen. If I didn’t need to buy it, I was able to spend this amount of money on dozens of casual clothes for everyday use. They are more useful than school uniforms, because we can wear them outside school too. I don’t think it is a good idea to use much money for things that I can’t often use in daily life.

④Second, it is difficult to express my own personality in a school uniform.

⑤One of my foreign friends told me that Japanese students looked all the same, because they wore same clothes at school. I totally agree with what he said. What we choose shows our character. I would like to wear my favorite clothes and show myself.

⑥For these reasons, I don't like to wear a school uniform.