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【English Writing トレーニング Day 3】Be careful



What's the concept of 'gyara-nomi' in the first place?

That's my first reaction when I heard the news about a Japanese magazine that caused outcry by ranking universities on how easily men can coerce female students into having sex. I'm assuming that many Japanese people (who are not young enough to be familiar with recent "drinking" culture) thought "what is 'gyara-nomi' " . 


gyara-nomi - drinking parties where only men have to pay, while women attending to the party can eat and drink for free


Sounds so fishy. Isn't it clear that some creepy assumption is going behind the concept?

That must be a typical impression most Japanese, well... most older Japanese, get from 'gyara-nomi'.

Wouldn't gilrs be treated like paid companions or something?

Wouldn't men assume that they have a kind of 'right' to become excessively intimate with girls?

Just Stay Away From Such A Shady Party, GIRLS!


That's what I first thought actually. Yes. I am an old type person in one's late 40s. I was raised in the society where it is women that must be careful so as not to get involved in troubled situation. Men can be animalistic, girls! They can't restrain their innate aspiration from time to time. So be careful, girls!  Don't wear provocative clothes, don't go anywhere dubious, behave yourself, OR it's highly possible that you'll get assulted. It's up to you, girls!


Yeah. They may be effective countermeasures to prevent sex crimes from happening. If girls are very cautious and take every step to avoid arousing men's false assumption, the number of such crimes may decrease. But we,women, do have a right to do what we want to do, men! Why can we not wear what we want without having a possibility of being sexually assulted? Is it only woman that should be careful?




Just look at this issue the other way around. Guys! Be careful not to be uncontrollable even when drinking. We are animals,yes, but don't forget that we are social animals. Make sure if you have mutual consent when having sex. Implied consent is not enough guys! BE CAREFUL not to simplify your thought process and objectify women like an outlet for your desire.I know not many guys would behave like that and cause troubles, but no one can deny the fact that a certain number of male party-attendees misbehave themselves and go wild without noticing what they are doing. 


So be careful not to be a part of a crime.


As for the magazine instructing how to judge whether a woman was sexually available or not...


It's not funny or just-a-joke at all. There have been similar tone of articles everywhere for decades, so they may have thought what's wong? Why only us?, but Hey! wake up guys!


I heard not only women but also many men felt uncomfortable, reading the issue. And many people raised their voices against this sexually abusive article. I feel our cultural / social norms are changing, and this is very encouraging. We can be very kind and attentive to each other when falling in love. That's when we have sex. That's what we, both genders, want.


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