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 agree / disagree を問う問題

Q1: Some people say supermarkets should stop giving free plastic shopping bags. What do you think about that?



I agree. If people cannot get free plastic bags, they will use their own reusable bag when shopping. We can reduce the amount of plastic waste by doing so.

I disagree. Plastic bags are very useful, and we can use them in many ways. Free plastic bags are helping our everyday lives.


Q2 : Some people say teenagers should avoid using Social Networking Services. What do you think about that?



 I agree. Teenagers are not aware of how dangerous those services are. It is possible that they may be bullied on line or their privacy may be exposed to the public eye.

I disagree. Teenagers should learn how to communicate well with people on line, because such social skills will be needed in future society.


Q3 :Some people say Japan should accept more foreign workers. What do you think about that?


 I agree. Japan’s labor force is decreasing steadily. We will have no choice but rely on foreign workers.

I disagree. It is difficult to communicate with foreigners. Accepting more foreign workers will cause a lot of trouble.


 Yes / No を問う問題

Q1: It is said that many people are leading stressful lives these days. Do you think people will have to live under much more stress in the future?



Yes. We are facing a lot of problems such as environmental issues and terrorist attacks. Our world will be more worrying and stressful in the future.

No. Our society will become more convenient and comfortable to live in, because various robots and machines will help us lead a happy life in the future.


Q2: Automatic translation systems are being developed. Do you think there will be no need to study foreign languages in the future?



 Yes. The quality of automatic translation is improving dramatically. If we are able to use such devices everywhere, we will not have any chance to speak foreign languages.

No. Even if automatic translation becomes ubiquitous, people should study foreign languages. It is because we can learn different customs and cultures by leaning other languages.


Q3: In many developed countries cash-less system is being adopted. Do you think Japan should become a cashless society too?


Yes. It is troublesome to constantly count cash and change at the cashier. It is more convenient to pay with just a tap of a card.

No. Cashless societies are risky, because not only money but also personal information may be stolen on line by hackers.