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●Do you think it is a good idea to have breakfast every morning?
-Why? / Why not?
ーなぜそう思うのですか? / なぜそう思わないのですか?


Yes. You can not move around energetically without breakfast. Your brain can not work well either. It is important to eat something to wake your whole body up in the morning.


No. Nothing is more important than getting enough sleep. You should choose to sleep longer rather than get up early to have breakfast.



●Do you often go to fast food restaurants?
-Please tell me more. / Why not?
ー詳しく教えてください / なぜ行かないのですか?


Yes. I do not have enough time to cook by myself. Eating out at fast food restaurants is the easiest way to fill my stomack.


No. I think it is essential to avoid eating unhealthy food to keep fit. Fast foods are too oily and salty and usually upset my digestion. (いいえ。健康でいるためには不健康な食べ物を食べないようにすることが大切だと私は思っています。ファーストフードは脂っこすぎるし、塩辛すぎます。たいてい胃(消化器官)がおかしくなります。)



 ●Many people use a smart phone these days. Do you think it has a negative influence on their health?
- Why? / Why not?
ーなぜそう思うのですか?/ なぜそう思わないのですか?


Yes. It is harmful to your eyes to keep watching a screen on the smart phone. It often gives us eye-ache and hurts our eyesight.


No. It does not have a negative influence as far as you use it properly. Smart phones do no harm if you take some breaks from time to time while using them. "How to use them"matters.