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Anime で Japanese:チェンソーマン season1/episode9

Welcome to AnimeでJapanese.

You'll see "conversation you may have after watching Anime" here in Japanese and English.

I hope it'll help you improve your Japanese casual conversation.



season1 / episode9

In this episode, Makima-san demonstrates her phenomenal strength. We are also amazed at another, totally unexpected, side of Kobeni-chan, the timid character.

conversation you may have after watching this episode

A: Makima-san was awfully awesome.

B: Totally. Just so stunning.

A: Kobeni-chan was super good too.

B: You can say that again. I can't believe she was always freaking out about everything.

today's words and phrases

● やばい

● キレキレ

● ビクビクする


(super casual)


やばい is an i-adjective, basically used to describe a "bad" situation. It is also used to describe something surprising, astounding, or impressive in a positive sense.


(super casual)

noun / na- adjective

キレキレ is a noun / na-adjective used to describe the state of a person who can deal with a certain situation really well.

ref. きれる


to handle everything well.

to be quick-witted and able to process things quickly.




to be nervously afraid of something because you think that you may get hurt or that something bad may happen

syn. おびえる、こわがる


hoping you can enjoy casual conversations in Japanese.
にほんごで カジュアルな かいわ たのしんでね〜。