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【English Writing トレーニング Day 2】Does English arouse you?



Does English arouse you?


Hi, English freaks! (Surely, those who are reading this essay right now are English freaks, eh? ) I've been an English freak for decades. I have never lived or studied abroad, but I have always loved English since I was a child. This is not to say, however, that I was a score-getter on English tests in my school days. I was super mediocre.


It was not until I started teaching English in my late 20s that I started studying English very hard from scratch. My TOEIC score was around 400 back then I guess. What a dick. Well, so, I had to study very very hard. As I mentioned in my previous post ,' Teaching is Studying' really. My English skills soared. I absorbed everything. Yes. I was yoooung. My brain was functioning effectively and efficiently in those  Good Ol' Days. 


Getting married, giving birth and raising a child was a life changing event. I moved to a new place that is far away from my hometown and struggled like hell to get accustomed to my new life. Who could find time for English in such a mess? Good bye English. Until we meet again.


I re-started studying English when my daughter got around three. I was determined to become a pro English user, whatever it is, and get a job, because I realized I had nothing to live on. Since me and my husband were on the very edge of our marital life≒about to get divorced, finding a decent job was my urgent mission. What a negative incentive. lol.


Fortunately, we survived≒didn't get divorced and, thanks to my pessimistic effort, I got Eiken 1st grade and TOEIC900 and started to work as an English teacher. I was satisfied with the result totally and stopped studying. I don't need to study anymore! I have done enough! 


Almost 10 years have passed since I stopped studying. I re-re-started studying English intensely again last year. The motivation is very positive this time. I just wannna learn more and be steeped in English. GIVE ME SOME MORE ENGLISH! The more I learn, the more I wanna learn. The more, the more.


Does English arouse me? 

The answer is yes and yes. I feel very airy when I'm using English. The way how I see things changes. My thought processes, character and attitude become remarkably different when using English. It's like English arouses my other self. I have never been a stereotypical Japanese type of person in all my life, but I can act and respond in a very Japanese way when I'm using Japanese. Those Japaneasy elements are all gone, when I'm on the English side,  and it's liberating. English definitely arouses me in many ways.


Oh, and one more thing. I get aroused by English sound itself I guess. I feel so good when listening to English that I kind of get overly excited like ' sexually aroused'. Does it apply to you? (well, hell NO, yeah?) Anyway, English does arouse me. 


How about you? Does English arouse you? Share in comments.


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